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| Uncategorized | November 24, 2011

Welcome to NeedFlatmate.com  Here are some good tips from Ben Rubenstein, if you have any other good tip please send us an email at roommatetips@needflatmate.com

Find a good roommate. It can be tempting to select a roommate on the basis of how friendly they are, but you’re better off judging them on the basis of day to day living compatibility. Compare their daily habits to yours:

  • What is this person’s rental history?
  • Does this roommate have enough money to cover the bills?
  • Are they early risers or night owls?
  • What temperature do they think is comfortable?
  • How much TV do they watch?
  • What kind of noise level does this person prefer (ie blasting television or quiet reading)?
  • When should the roommate worry if they are not home at a certain time? Do you wait until morning to make phone calls or do you send for a search team if they’re 15 minutes late from work or school?
  • What are their favorite chores? Perhaps if their favorites are your least favorite, you can simply always do your favorite chore and ignore the ones you simply don’t like.
  • Do they talk about their feelings or keep their feelings in?
  • Are they extra-sensitive to fragrances and/or odors? This may affect what you choose as cleaning products and you may have to hide your running shoes after going to the gym.
  • Are they allergic to anything? (i.e. peanuts, perfume, milk, flour, mold, smoke.)
  • How messy or clean does this person keep her space? Does she understand the importance of getting the dishes done and trash taken out?
  • Do they smoke or do any other kinds of recreational drugs?
  • What kind of personality does this person have, is she an extrovert or an introvert?
  • Do they enjoy decorating or do they not care about decorating? What decorating style do they have?
  • What kind of music and TV shows do they enjoy? And, more importantly, do they prefer loud music and a blaring TV?

There is no guarantee to have a great roommate, however is always nice to have extra bucks and not spend it in rent.

Have a great roommate hunting!


The NeedFlatmate.com team


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